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Digital skills for OER Sharing


Free Professional Development Opportunity for Samoan Facilitators of the DS4OERS course

The MESC innovative Lifelong Learning Lab (MiLLL) under the auspices of the Samoan Knowledge Society Initiative is excited to launch this instance of the Digital Skills for OER Sharing (DS4OERS) online course for prospective facilitators.

Aim of this offering

To train a group of Samoan facilitators for the DS4OERS professional development course.

Course learning outcome

Improve your digital skills using Free and Open Source Software to develop teaching materials for your classroom and share these as Open Educational Resources (OER).

21 March - 1 May 2022*
Online with facilitator
6 to 10 hours per week
Course summary:
View course description online

* Note: Access to course materials and certification options will remain open should you require more time to complete the course.

Certification options

Earn up to six digital badges to become an "OER Practitioner" and gain a PDF Certificate of Completion. Successful candidates will then recieve additional training in using the open technologies for facilitating future offerings of DS4OERS in Samoa. 

Reserve your seat today!

Please reserve a seat for me to participate in the FREE Digital Skills for OER Sharing (DS4OERS) online course starting on 21 March 2022.

If you sign up on this page, we will send you an acknowledgement email and you will receive the course announcement and instruction emails when the offering commences.