Financing a business start-up

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Develop a financial plan for a start-up business

Financing a business start-up (IENT103) is a free, online, open education course where you will you will prepare a financial report identifying and outlining the financial aspects of a business startup. IENT103 is one of three micro-courses for Introduction to Entrepreneurship (IENT). 

This micro-course provides opportunities to:

  • Improve your ability to finance a business start-up successfully. 
  • Enhance your career prospects by earning an Edubit micro-credential.
  • Gain credit towards the Certificate Higher Education Business (OERu), a UK-based qualification from the University of the Highlands and Islands.

How to get funding for your start-up ideas

Help me to choose the right types of funding for a business start-up. I  would like to join the OERU's FREE Financing a business start-up (IENT103) micro-course.

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