Digital Citizenship (LiDA102)

Improve your online academic identity

LiDA102 is a free, online, open education micro-course where you will develop a positive digital online identity in support of your learning commensurate with good practice for privacy, security and interpersonal communications. LiDA102 is one of four micro-courses for Learning in a Digital Age (LiDA).

Benefits of taking this micro-course include opportunities to:
  • Contribute to digital citizenship by building your online learning network, gain a better understanding of societal issues and problematic online behaviours in a digital world, and learn how to deal with these challenges.
  • Earn a digital badge and/or certificate for participation.
  • Gain certified micro-credentials in digital citizenship via Edubits.
  • Gain credit towards an exit qualification at first year university level:
    1. Undergraduate Certificate in First Year Foundations (TESU), USA; or
    2. Certificate Higher Education Business (OERu), (University of the Highlands and Islands), UK.
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Develop a positive digital footprint for your learning!

Help me to get started with the OERu's FREE Digital Citizenship (LiDA102) micro-course.

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