Outreach Partnership Programme

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Qualifying institutions in the developing world can become an OERu participating partner for free!

The OERu Outreach Partnership Programme is a charitable initiative that aims to create partnerships with institutions in the developing world committed to adopting and improving open education practices and that share our goal of more sustainable education on a global scale.

Want to learn more about the OERu outreach initiative? 

If you sign up on this page, we will send you two emails about the OERu Partner Outreach Programme. These communications will contain information about the OERu, explain the value proposition of OER and benefits of the partnership programme for your institution, and provide a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the OERu for your institution to review. If you find the proposition compelling, you can then join our international innovation network as an Outreach Partner.

If you choose to subscribe to the OERu newsletter, we will confirm your interest via a separate email. Please note that we use a double opt-in system to verify your email address and ensure that you are not inadvertently subscribed by a third party.

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