Digital accessibility as a business practice

Digital accessibility is good for business.

WACC102 is a free online open education micro-course that addresses the many aspects of digital accessibility that affect a business’s image, its legal requirements, and its bottom line. The focus is on developing an organizational culture of accessibility, integrating accessibility throughout an organization’s processes, planning, procurement, marketing, customer service, and product development, among other aspects of a business.

After completing this micro-course, you will:
  • Know how to develop convincing arguments to sell the idea of digital accessibility
  • Understand aspects of digital accessibility related to different roles
  • Know how to plan strategically for change as an accessibility culture forms
  • Know how to assemble a committee and fostering a champion for accessibility
  • Know how to hire and train staff to contribute to and uphold a culture of accessibility
  • Know how to monitor accessibility across an organization
  • Know how to maintain a culture of accessibility through organizational policies
  • Gain relevant knowledge for IAAP certification as an accessibility professional
Improve your knowledge accessible business practices

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