Professional web accessibility auditing

Digital accessibility careers can be rewarding.

WACC201 is a free online open education micro-course that builds on WACC101 and/or WACC102 for those who are considering a career in digital accessibility, or for those who want to integrate accessibility tools and evaluation strategies into their work. Demand is high for professional accessibility reviewers, as laws around the world obligate businesses and organizations to comply with legislated accessibility requirements.

After completing this micro-course, you will:
  • Be familiar with automated accessibility evaluation tools and their limitations
  • Know how to use manual testing strategies for quick accessibility assessments
  • Understand when and how to include users in accessibility testing
  • Have a basic understanding of the technical aspects of digital accessibility
  • Be familiar with accessibility standards beyond WCAG
  • Be familiar with accessibility regulations around the world
  • Be able to run informal accessibility reviews to formal accessibility audits
  • Have built an accessibility auditing toolkit 
  • Gain relevant knowledge for IAAP certification as an accessibility professional
Improve your skills and knowledge evaluating and reporting on website accessibility.

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