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Establish your PLE before you start this course

Dear [First Name]

At the OERu, we believe that 21st century learners will be better prepared for digital futures by learning how to learn on the Internet rather than learning via a single, closed website. The OERu technology platform is a network of personal learning environments that connects participants with online learning resources and with each other.

To get the most from your OERu learning experience, we recommend that you establish a Personal Learning Environment (PLE)  before you start this course. A personal learning environment refers to the range of tools, communities and websites you will use to support your learning and interact with fellow OERu learners. The course resources for this session will show you how to establish a PLE. (If you have previously established a PLE, for example, by participating in another OERu course, you can skip these instructions.)

You may encounter new technologies you haven’t used before, requiring a little more time to complete the tasks. However, the course provides step-by-step support to help you in building these digital capabilities - if you need more time, that’s fine. Work at your own pace and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

A key advantage of a PLE is that you will retain access and control over all the content you generate long after the course is completed, so the time you spend is well worth the effort. 

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you online!

Best wishes
LiDA103 Team.

Resources for this session

Work through the following resources:

Key activities for this session

  1. Post a “Toot” using the course LiDA103 hashtag
  2. Create your forums account for LiDA103 and complete your profile page
  3. Practise annotating a web page with the LiDA103 course code
  4. Create your bookmarks account and search for links using LiDA103
  5. Create a learning journal blog for LiDA103
  6. Complete the ‘Declare yourself’ challenge for LiDA103

Need help?

For general support on using OERu technologies, please consult the support site and guidelines for getting help.

If you need course specific help, post your questions using the general forum for LiDA103. Remember to include the url of the page where you are having problems.

Let's leverage the power of peer-learning by helping each other. If you know the answer to a question in the forum, help a friend by responding. Bear in mind that as an international course, and academic volunteers helping out on the course may be in a different time zone and could be sleeping when you post a question.

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